FYI: I am no longer endorsing Travel Factor

For the past 4 years, I have always endorsed Travel Factor (TF) both in this blog and in other media.  This endorsement has been spontaneous and unsolicited because I have always found them to be competent and reliable tour providers.  Plus, they’re generally fun to be with.  I am now no longer of this opinion.

Please be informed that all past endorsements of TF made in this blog are revoked as of today, November 10, 2014.  I will also be removing all TF tags prior to this in order for anyone Google-searching for any information on TF not to be misled by any past mention here.

I am under no illusions that this will make a dent in TF’s client-drawing capabilities.  I just do not want this blog to have any part in it anymore.


3 thoughts on “FYI: I am no longer endorsing Travel Factor

    • A particularly disappointing Pinatubo trip. If you are a tour provider, you just can’t require participants to show up on time at the very early hour of 2:30am and have your coordinator show up 3 hours late without any prior notification.

      I don’t really care whether he was robbed, his mother died, or whatever. It’s simply inexcusable and unforgivable to let 3 hours pass without notifying anyone. We must have sent a hundred texts and miscalls his way, as well as TF’s Facebook page, but they had no answer for all those 3 hours.

      They even flip-flopped by finally releasing a message (through the van driver) saying the event is not pushing through, and subsequently reverse themselves 5 minutes later saying the coordinator is arriving after all. As a result, 4 participants left already and no effort by TF was spent to ask them to go back. Heck, if our friends didn’t call us up, then we would have driven off to Batangas already.

      With 3 hours lost, the whole event was rushed, instead of it being leisurely. We spent only 1 hour and 30 mins at the crater, when it’s normally double that duration. (And I know this because I took the same trip with them before.)

      So far, no official explanation nor apology has been given.

      • Aw man that’s horrible. Sorry to hear that. Yeah I know the time needed for a Pinatubo trip as I’ve been there before as well. Luckily our tour guide was on time. They should have provided a refund nalang if that’s the case. Really bad way of handling things. Tsk


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