FYI: I am no longer endorsing Travel Factor

For the past 4 years, I have always endorsed Travel Factor (TF) both in this blog and in other media.  This endorsement has been spontaneous and unsolicited because I have always found them to be competent and reliable tour providers.  Plus, they’re generally fun to be with.  I am now no longer of this opinion.

Please be informed that all past endorsements of TF made in this blog are revoked as of today, November 10, 2014.  I will also be removing all TF tags prior to this in order for anyone Google-searching for any information on TF not to be misled by any past mention here.

I am under no illusions that this will make a dent in TF’s client-drawing capabilities.  I just do not want this blog to have any part in it anymore.


Enjoying the GoPro bandwagon

(Photo courtesy of Ann Umaña.)

Sometime late last year, Ann purchased a GoPro camera with its matching extendable, hand-held monopod. Since then, we’ve been using it more often than any of our other cameras because the GoPro can literally be brought everywhere and a photo (or rather, selfie) can be taken at almost any angle imaginable.  In this photo, we were using it to take photos of ourselves at Camp John Hay’s TreeTop Adventure.  I hold the monopod and camera, while Ann snaps away using the remote control.

2012: A Year of Unexpected Trips

I am now thrust into this awkward situation where I have to come up with a year-ender post while still having to blog about 7 months worth of travel that took place this year.  Forgive me, dear readers, I haven’t learned how to manage this blog to be up-to-date like most of my peers (and in some ways, things have even deteriorated in that regard).  I guess this means I’ll really never make money out of this blogging thing. Continue reading

Kiss paradise goodbye

I recently made a brief stop at Boracay during a journey that spanned 4 provinces.  Much has been said about the downside of heavy commercialism in the island, but I only recently found the best way to describe what happened to it in one line:

Preview: Midyear Mountain Madness

Starting from the Holy Week up until a few weekends ago, my out-of-town trips consisted almost entirely of mountain climbs with HLGG.  In two of those trips, I broke my no-jumpshots vow because – okay, I’ll admit it – it can be fun.

But If I’m going to belatedly jump in the bandwagon, I thought I’d contribute my own style.  So here are a few .gif files of our jumpshots.  (Edited to add: looking at these .gif files, I think I just successfully combined planking and jumpshots.)


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