Summary of Travels

This intends to present a chronological listing of the author’s travels.  Each item corresponds to a trip/journey made and the sub-items are links to posts relating to it.  Please note that this is not an exhaustive listing as there are certain travels in the past that he has not or not yet blogged about.

08/02-03/2008 – Mt. Batulao I

Batulao Climb, Part 1
Batulao Climb, Part 2
Batulao Climb, Epilogue

12/21/2008 – Intramuros

My Intramuros Walking Tour Route (before noon)
My Intramuros Walking Tour Route (afternoon)
My Intramuros Walking Tour Route (late afternoon to evening)
My Intramuros Wishlist

05/29/2009 – Manila

Went to Manila to Look at a Jar

12/08-12/2009 – Batanes I

Batanes Day 1: Arrival and tour of the northern half of Batan Island
Batanes Day 2: Arriving at Sabtang (part 1)
Batanes Day 2: Touring Sabtang (part 2)
Batanes Day 2: Touring Sabtang (part 3)
Batanes Day 3: Back to Batan (part 1)
Batanes Day 3: Back to Batan (part 2)
Batanes Day 4: Biking from Basco to Mahatao to Ivana
Batanes Day 4: Biking from Ivana to Mahatao to Basco
Batanes Travel Tips
Slideshow: Batanes in Monochrome
Slideshow: Chasing an Egret

04/01-04/2010 – Marinduque I

Marinduque Day 1: Boac, Kabugsakan Falls and a bit of Gasan
Marinduque Day 2 (morning): Morion Parade in Gasan, Via Crucis in Boac
Marinduque Day 2 (afternoon): Back to Gasan, Back to Boac….with a boy genius and a lot of blood in between
Marinduque Day 3: Tres Reyes, Gaspar Island, Buenavista, Torrijos, etc.
Marinduque Day 4: The long goodbye

04/18/2010 – Mt. Pinatubo

Two Volcanoes, One Summer (part1)

05/09/2010 – Taal Volcano

Two Volcanoes, One Summer (part 2)

05/15/2010 – Pahiyas Festival

Slideshow: Pahiyas 2010

05/22-23/2010 – Mt. Pulag

Slideshow: Mt. Pulag (2010)

06/26/2010 – Lake Caliraya

10/02-05/2010 – Coron

11/25-28/2010 – Boracay

Slideshow: Parasailing

12/07-11/2010 – Dumaguete & Siquijor

Slideshow: Remembering Siquijor

04/08-10/2011 – Biri Island

Biri Island, Day 1
Biri Island, Day 2
Biri Island, Day 3
Biri Island Travel Tips
Biri Island Sample Itinerary

04/11/2011 – San Juanico Bridge

Walking the Length of San Juanico Bridge

05/29-31/2011 – Ilocos

Ilocos Trip, Day 1 (morning)
Ilocos Trip, Day 1 (afternoon)
Ilocos Trip, Day 2 (morning)
Ilocos Trip, Day 2 (afternoon)
Ilocos Trip, Day 3 (morning)
Ilocos Trip, Day 3 (afternoon)

06/18-20/2011 – Sagada

Sagada Adventure (Prologue)
Sagada Adventure, Day 1 (Arrival)
Sagada Adventure, Day 1 (Marlboro Country)
Sagada Adventure, Day 2 (Marlboro Country)
Sagada Adventure, Day 2 (Cave Connection)
Sagada Adventure, Day 3 (Walking Tour)
Sagada Adventure, Epilogue (Banaue Exit)

08/20/2011 – Mt. Batulao II

Mt. Batulao Solo Climb
Mt. Batulao Travel Guide

09/10-14/2011 – Batanes II

Return to Batanes (a prologue)
Hiking in Northern Batan
Preview: Mt. Iraya
The Back-breaking Mt. Iraya Climb
Mahatao’s Lighthouses: Setting the Facts Straight
Stuck in Batan: New Sites & Sentimental Favorites 
In search of Batanes’ prehispanic past
The 2-lie system of SEAir’s Manila-Basco flights (a warning)
Everyone’s kinder in Batanes (even the tourists.)

09/22-27/2011 – Surigao & Butuan

The Ugly Side of Surigao del Norte
Preview: Surigao del Sur’s Twin Gems
The Surigao & Butuan Series (prologue)
Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cove
A few stops between Sohoton and Socorro
The Long Road to Bislig and Tinuy-an Falls
An Afternoon in Hinatuan
A Heritage Tour of Butuan

10/08-09/2011 – Marinduque II

Preview: Literally Chilling at Mt. Malindig (Marinduque)
“Nakatulong ka na, nakagala ka pa.”, part 1
“Nakatulong ka na, nakagala ka pa.”, part 2
“Nakatulong ka na, nakagala ka pa.”, part 3

11/26/2011-12/04/2011 – Vietnam & Cambodia

Preview: Contrasting Motorcycle Scenes in Vietnam
Preview: Temple-hunting in Cambodia
Suggested 7-day Itinerary for Vietnam and Cambodia
Budget Estimate for a 7-day Vietnam-Cambodia Tour
Vietnam-Cambodia, Day 1 – Arrival in Saigon, Cu Chi Tunnels, City Tour
Vietnam-Cambodia, Day 2 & 3 – A 13-hour bus ride, Angkor Wat at Dawn
Vietnam-Cambodia, Day 3 – All-day Temple-hopping in Siem Reap
Vietnam-Cambodia, Day 4 – Beng Mealea and Koh Ker
Vietnam-Cambodia, Day 5 & 6 – Two bus rides to Mui Ne
Vietnam-Cambodia, Day 6 – Mui Ne’s Natural Attractions
Vietnam-Cambodia, Day 7 – Last-minute tour of Saigon
Vietnam-Cambodia Travel Tips
The 24-hour Mui Ne Travel Guide

01/22/2012 – Mt. Batulao III
Preview: A different kind of backpack
First trip of 2012: Mt. Batulao (again)
Side trip to Caleruega

02/19/2012 – Manila
Arroceros: A showcase of heritage ignorance and neglect

03/23-26/2012 – Iloilo & Guimaras
Looking for Travel Buddies
Preview: Tangke Saltwater Lagoon
Las Islas de Gigantes (prologue)
Las Islas de Gigantes (morning)
Las Islas de Gigantes (afternoon)
Why are they called the “Gigantes Islands” anyway?
Gigantes Islands Sample Itinerary & Budget Estimate
Gigantes Islands Travel Guide
Las Islas de Gigantes (epilogue)
Back to the mainland, back to the city
Day Trip to Guimaras (morning)
Day Trip to Guimaras (afternoon)

04/05-08/2012 – Occidental Mindoro
Holy Week 2012: Prologue
Holy Week 2012: Sitio Tamisan Outreach
Holy Week 2012: Penitencia sa Mt. Iglit (unang yugto)
Holy Week 2012: Penitencia sa Mt. Iglit (ikalawang yugto)
Holy Week 2012: Penitencia sa Mt. Iglit (huling yugto)
Holy Week 2012: Apo Reef (Day 1)
Holy Week 2012: Apo Reef (Day 2) and Pandan Island

04/29/2012 – Mt. Cristobal
Midyear Mountain Madness: Mt. Cristobal – 04/29/2012

05/06/2012 – Mt. Arayat
Midyear Mountain Madness: Mt. Arayat – 05/06/2012

06/23/2012 – Mt. Sembrano
Midyear Mountain Madness: Mt. Sembrano – 06/23/2012

07/18-28/2012 – Taiwan

09/22-23/2012 – Tarak Ridge

11/25-29/2012 – Negros Occidental

11/29 – 12/02/2012 – Boracay and Romblon

12/22-23/2012 – Mt. Pulag II