The Blog Backlog

This is a new page I created that would act as my “to do” list. It’s an attempt to remind me on how long my backlog is and why I need to blog more often.

– Negros Occidental (in progress)
– Boracay and Romblon (in progress)
– Mt. Pulag II

– Pico de Loro
– Mt. Batulao IV
– Mt. Maculot
– Sagada III
– Gulugod Baboy
– San Narciso, Quezon
– Myanmar!!! (in progress)
– Mt. Kapugan
– Mt. Kinabalu (in progress)

– Tagaytay
– Baguio

Special interests
– Why I’m never returning to Boracay.
– Why the “drop everything, buy a plane ticket and travel” is bad advice for Filipinos.  (in progress)
– Musings on outreach activities.
– My thoughts on the traveler vs. tourist distinction.