…and the Site

This site was created on June 25, 2011.  The intention of the author was to create what would mainly be a travel blog.  Prior to this, he has already been blogging on a semi-active basis at Multiply, in which he covered a wider range of subjects.  He now wishes to concentrate on travel blogging (and occasionally sharing travel photos) but believes it’s too difficult to undertake the changes he wants in the old site.  After surveying around for suitable hosts, he eventually decided to create a new blog at WordPress.

He has been using “Liquid Druid” as an online user name somewhat inconsistently since 1999.  The name actually does not mean anything as it was just a username randomly suggested by Hotmail when it kept rejecting the ones he submitted when applying for an email account for the first time.  He decided to reuse it for this new blog primarily for its uniqueness and because he has discovered through the years that very few people in the world use “Liquid Druid”.  In fact, he’s fairly certain that he’s the only one in this country who does.

The entries dated prior to June 25, 2011 were manually migrated from the old site and backdated to show its original chronological order.  As these were mostly just copy-pasted, some layout errors and inconsistencies might have occurred in the process.  The author apologizes for these and would continually work to eliminate such.