About the Author

Liquid Druid is R. Luis Flores.  He is in his mid-30s and has lived most of his life in Quezon City (Philippines).  He’s been a guidance counselor, a law student, a researcher, a government employee, a call center agent, and a registered securities representative at various points in his life.  He currently works as an editor for a financial research company and spends most of his free time traveling and going on food trips with his fiancee He has previously tried to learn 3 other foreign languages aside from English, but remains frustratingly bilingual.

Since 2008, he has engaged himself in the twin hobbies of photography and traveling.  He has yet to enroll in a formal photography class and has largely managed through self-study and trial-and-error.  He fancies himself a purist and absolutely refuses to edit his shots for whatever reason.  He’s been wanting for the longest time to purchase a decent wide-angle lens.

He used to say that he prefers the mountains over the beaches, but now has developed a liking for the latter.  He has yet to learn to: (1) pack light; and (2) not look too much like a tourist.  Before any trip, he always prepares a meticulous checklist of the items he needs to bring …but still manages to forget one item each time.  He misses traveling solo and thinks the dry sack is the most important travel accessory ever invented.

He loves cats and is a big Steely Dan fan.