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59 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. hi, first congrats to your blog.
    it’s fun to read and very informative as well.
    we have the same interests – photography and travel.

    btw, i’m going to biri island alone next weekend and got the service of kuya lando.
    i have few questions though, can i have your email? thanks!

    • Thanks! I’m still of two minds as to whether or not I want to publicize my email address here, so I’ll just send you an email using the one that you typed in. Expect an email from me soon.

  2. I saw that mountain in 1998 from a distant that it was already balding. I find your work informative that every citizen should understand and learn the ill-effect of mining. Thanks for publishing it.

    • The bad news is that it’s not just one mountain but an entire coastal mountain range. 😦 I’m no journalist but I felt that I just had to tell people about it. Thanks for your comment, Nur.

  3. Dear Mr Flores

    I stumbled upon your website while doing some research for my magazine. Basically I handle a magazine called JetWings, based out of Mumbai, India. You could read more about it on It is the country’s largest airline Jet Airways’ in-flight travel magazine, and we are planning a Philippines Special issue for November, which is where you come into the picture. I’m looking for writers to do a couple of features, and I noticed that you have spent considerable amount of time there. Please do email me in case you are interested in writing for us, accordingly I’ll send you the editorial guidelines and payment rates.

    Simar Preet Kaur
    Chief Features Editor

    • Thank you, Simar. I’m certainly interested to see the guidelines and rates. What’s your email address? (If you wish to keep your email address private, you can indicate this preference in your next reply in this guestbook, so that I will simply delete it without publishing it.)

  4. Love your blogs Chito….you can read later on! Keep on traveling for now and keep the blogs and pictures coming. Congratulations. Btw, how do you keep your job?

    • Eileene A. of FSI? Thanks for taking time to pass by my blog. 🙂 I manage to keep my job because there are specific times in the year where they are more permissive in granting VLs and the company has its own holiday economics calendar that automatically attach US holidays (I work for a BPO) to the nearest weekend.

  5. I’ve checked your photos via your “multiply” and I must day the folders are all impressive. The falls is mesmerizing. I think I’d be a visitor of this page every now and then.

    • Thanks Sony! I haven’t updated my Multiply in a while. I have plans of switching to Flickr purely for storage purposes…. but since I’m an eternal procratinator, I haven’t gotten around to starting that yet, haha.

  6. your photos are amazing!
    and your travel pursuits make me feel like i’ve only ever been to my own neighborhood. i’m so jealous…

    will browse some more but i thought i’d finally sign in here… 🙂


    • Thanks for dropping by B. 🙂 I also started out being jealous of others’ trips so I figured I’d do something about it while I still the time, money and singlehood for it, haha.

      • tell me about it… that’s what i say about why i travel now…
        if i weren’t so chicken, i’d ask if i could tag along… and be your travel buddy or something…

        *bok bok bok*

      • Haha, go ahead and ask. 😀 Ako nga makapal na ang mukha ko sa ganyan. Last September I got to join what was supposed to be an all-girls’ trip to northeastern Mindanao. I basically invited myself.

        Hey, sorry for not yet replying to your second email. I got too caught up with this “It’s more fun in the Philippines campaign”. I’ll provide an intelligent reply within the afternoon. 🙂

  7. I really appreciate the level of detail of your posts, especially on places way off the beaten path. Very useful! Looking forward to reading more of your exploits!

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  9. Ang ganda ng Mt. Iglit, taga-mindoro ako but haven’t been there, pwede po bang makahingi ng contact. thanks.

    • Sorry Erwin, wala akong kilalang contact on going to Mt. Iglit. I just participated in the activity. Try to browse for the info that you need. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Had a great time reading your blog about Cambodia and Vietnam, I was searching sa net kung san makakita nang 1 week itinerary including both countries, buti nakita ko page mo. Thanks for putting a lot of effort in doing this, nakakatulong sa mga ibang fellow travelers. Would be nice if you post this page of yours sa Tripadvisor. Thanks a lot and more travel blogs.=)

    • You’re welcome JV, and thanks for visiting too! I actually considered your suggestion a while back, but I realized that since my target audience for that post is distinctly Filipino, it might not be as helpful when placed in TripAdvisor. Anyway, if you know of others who might need the info I posted, just direct them here.

  11. Hello. I’m Nikolai.

    I would like to publish a guest post (with one link) on your great blog – Could you please give me the price for the placement of it?

    Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

    Have a nice day.

  12. thank you very much for all the info’s about these islands. it’s beautiful and the seafood, so yummy! it’s on my itinerary list when I come to visit my parent’s hometown (Leyte) late this year…bestwishes!

  13. I have read your profile and I really smiled because I see myself in you. The changing jobs, even the attempt to learn a few languages. (God knows how much I really tried!!!!) My family thinks that I am such a nonconformist, (sort of a a loser), irresponsible and stubborn kind of person ‘coz I do not get settled to one job or hobby. Well, wanderers cannot be constrained in one place. I am in my late 30’s and loving what I do in life.

    I really enjoy reading fellow backpacker’s blogs like yours. Looking forward to read more of your entries.

  14. Hello. amazing blog about Gigantes. I was there in Feb 2013. I did all the same stuff as you. Pa on hotel, ferry trip, Hideaway Inn. Then island hopping and even stood on the small island and shot a photo exactly from that location. Where are you living now? I thought i was largely the only person that knew of this out of the way place. Although some university students interviewed me for some project on sand bar island. I am from Australia. But moving soon!

    • Hi Gary, I’m a Filipino and I’ve lived here in the Philippines all my life. Thanks to the Internet, Gigantes is slowly opening up to the rest of the world — although, as I’ve noted (and surely you’ve seen too), the tourism infrastructure needs a lot of work. I once spent a month’s vacation in Australia when I was still in Uni. Lovely country you’ve got there. I do hope to return one day. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. Hi there!
    i would like to ask if you know the schedule for the trip from carles gigantes islands norte back to estancia port? Would it be through the same port? Thank you! (:

    • Hi Lee!

      At the time I made my trip, the Estancia-Gigantes Norte ferry left at 2pm and landed at Barangay Granada. The return trip left at 7am from another Barangay (Asluman, if I remember right).

  16. Hi my dears! thank you very much for your recommended on it that I had a lot of work and met so many Philippines people by you… thanks again and highly hope to see you on your return

  17. Hi Sir,
    i’m going to vienam and cambodia next year (june 18-21) MNL-HCM-SR-MNL.
    and i’m going solo, since it’s been my childhood dream to visit cambodia (naks!)
    i have so many questions po:

    1. Between dun sa 2 hostel (HCM) na binanggit nyo, alin mas mura, mas accomodating at mas mukang safe? How about po sa payment? kase i’m afraid of paying online, do you think magaagree pa rin sila kahit walang initial payment, just communication via email?
    2. Dun po sa tour nio sa cu chi tunnel, sino po nag arrange, ilang days prior dun sa tour?

    Siem Reap:
    1. How about dun sa lodging house na tinuluyan nio, same lang po ba, reservation w/o initial payment? and within sa area lang po ba sya ng old market, pub street?
    2. (Very impt.)where did you find the people you went touring with around angkor? kase nga po i’m solo and i find $60 dollars(sam tuktuk) very expensive, so i’m looking po for possible tour mates. but another tour guide offered me $55, but still sobrang mahal.
    3. Have you tried visiting the tonle sap? i’m planning a 1 day ho chi minh tour, since its not feasible to visit the killing fields in phnom penh, and 2 days siem reap. aside from the temples can you suggest other must see? yung landmines, kasama ba sya dun sa tour around angkor?

    for the meantime yan lang po muna mga q’s ko 😀
    pa help naman po (pls wag nio na rin po i post dito)
    kindly reply na lang po sa email ko (************


  18. Hi, Chito.

    I’m Liz from Wego, a travel metasearch website based in Singapore.

    I am inviting you to join a travel writing/blogging contest organized by Wego in partnership with Cebu Pacific Air, the Tourism Promotions Board, and ABS-CBN Choose Philippines.

    Your Life-Changing Travel Story is our initiative to encourage Filipinos (and avid travelers who call the Philippines their home) to share their profound and unforgettable adventures around the country in the hope of inspiring others to explore their homeland.

    The contest runs from 17 February to 21 March 2014. Once we have collected all entries, we will be selecting the 10 best stories whose authors will receive cash prizes.

    Notably, the grand prize-winner will receive P100,000 to fund her/his next life-changing travel around the Philippines and two (2) round trip domestic flight tickets from Cebu Pacific.

    You can learn more about this campaign by checking out our Facebook Page ( or heading directly to the contest microsite on

    Feel free to contact me directly for questions, clarifications, and concerns about this contest (see signature below).

    Thank you for your time. We look forward to reading your travel story.


    Eliza J. Diaz
    Market Development Manager for the Philippines
    Wego Pte. Ltd. (
    Email: | Viber: +65 9228 1950


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