Arroceros: A showcase of heritage ignorance and neglect

Last February 19, 2012, I had to take a government exam for the entire morning at the Universidad de Manila along Arroceros Street in Manila.  Since I was already there and I had nothing to do in the afternoon, I took advantage of my then current location by walking around the immediate area to do an ocular inspection of 3 notable places that have been casualties of the slow but steady extirpation of Manila’s cultural and environmental heritage. Continue reading


Vietnam-Cambodia, Day 7 – Last-minute tour of Saigon

I was told the previous night by the Sinh Tourist employee that the bus that would take me back to Saigon will pick me up at 9:15am.  Since I woke up at around 6:00 am, I still had plenty of time to pack my stuff, have breakfast and take a shower. Continue reading

My Intramuros Walking Tour Route (before noon) – 12/21/08

Here’s a summary of the path I took in touring Intramuros in the morning of December 21:

  • Got off the cab at the Fort Santiago Entrance.
  • Carlos Celdran’s tour started at Plaza Moriones near the Intramuros Visitors’ Center.
  • Walked for a short distance towards the War Memorial still in Plaza Moriones for a short lecture.
  • Walked towards the Fort Santiago gate for another lecture.
  • Walked back to Plaza Moriones, up to the Fort Santiago exit.

Continue reading