Taiwan: Science and Religion

By this time it was apparent that we would never have as much sleep as we wanted or needed because there was simply not enough time.  The past nights were always spent competing with others in doing the laundry and sometimes, practicing a dance number (more on this later.)  It’s a good consolation that, so far, we have been given excellent and comfortable lodgings with air conditioning. Continue reading


Taiwan: Tainan & Taichung, with Lukang in between

For the 3-day cultural tour of Taiwan, we were given new groupings, based on the destinations that were pre-assigned.  We didn’t all go to the same places.  My group, as well as a few others, were to tour the western coast of Taiwan.  Another group or two toured the eastern coast, and then a few others toured other parts of Taiwan. Continue reading

Gallery: Fo Guang Shan Main Shrine

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I still haven’t decided on how I’ll present my Taiwan trip in this blog, so for the meantime, I thought I’d share photos to keep you interested.  These are pictures of the Fo Guang Shan Main Shrine in Kaohsiung, a city in southern Taiwan.  I’ve only entered 2 Buddhist temples before this (Fo Guang Shan’s Mabuhay Temple in Manila and the Angkor Wat itself) and so far, each one has been an experience of discovery and learning.  Continue reading

Vietnam-Cambodia, Day 4 – Beng Mealea and Koh Ker

(Photo courtesy of Leika)

For this day, we visited two destinations that are normally not in the itineraries of tourists going to Siem Reap. The first one is the distant and less-crowded temple of Beng Mealea, and the second is the even more distant and literally deserted ancient Angkorian capital of Koh Ker. Continue reading

Vietnam-Cambodia, Day 2 & 3 – A 13-hour bus ride, Angkor Wat at Dawn

In my desire not to be left behind by the Cambodia-bound bus, my body heeded the Blackberry’s alarm despite the fact that my room’s bed was so comfortable that I almost didn’t want to rise. So after taking a shower, I packed all my stuff and promptly went down to the canteen to have my free breakfast by 6 am.  The bus would pick me up at around 7:15 so I still had some time to take my eggs, baguette and tea at a leisurely pace. Continue reading

Preview: Temple-hunting in Cambodia

The last preview was 2 scenes of Vietnam.  This time, I’m showing a preview of Cambodia.  I took this video when we encountered the first few temples (or prasat) in Koh Ker in the Preah Vihear Province, around 2-3 hours away from Siem Reap.

Encountering the first few Prasats in Koh Ker from Liquid Druid on Vimeo. Continue reading