The 2-lie system of SEAir’s Manila-Basco flights (a warning)

When I created this blog, one of my resolutions was to make this new blog as free as possible from rants, sarcasm and writings made in the heat of extremely angry moments (which are things that characterize most of my social networking output).  This is why I held off for more than a month before writing an entry about something that made me absolutely furious at the time it was happening.  I was hoping that the passage of weeks would somehow diminish my anger and allow me to deliver this warning in a calm and reasonable manner, without resorting too much on unduly negative language. Continue reading


Batanes Travel Tips

Since I promised not a few people that I would be sharing travel tips to Batanes, I’m finally making an entry just for that purpose after I’ve managed to finish my blogs.


(I’m not even going to assume that any of you are interested in traveling to Batanes by ship, so I’ll just confine my discussion on air travel.)

Air travel going to Batanes is generally very expensive.  I had to shell out P13,650 for a round-trip ticket last December.  The thing is, I traveled to Batanes during a time in the year when tourists visit the least and there was only one airline (SEAir) servicing the Manila-Basco route.  I hear that in summer (during peak tourist season), the air fare gets slashed by as much as 50%, but you’d have to stay tuned to various airline promos around 2 months before summer in order to avail yourselves of any special discounted rate.  In the summer during peak tourist season, I hear that PAL and ZestAir also travel to Basco – that’s probably the reason why airfares aren’t as expensive.

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