A [tried and tested] Myanmar Itinerary and Budget

The Shwedagon Pagoda (Photo courtesy of Anamarie Umaña)

This blog’s worst nightmare (so far) has materialized.  I now have more than a year’s backlog of entries that need to be posted.  I have, like, 5 pending drafts that are in varying stages of completeness – or the lack of it – and I desperately hope it doesn’t take another year to finish them.

Anyway, I recently just came back from a truly great adventure in the golden land of Myanmar and I have been asked by various people for my itinerary.  I had a working itinerary and budget estimate prior to the trip that was the product of months of research.  I hesitated to just pass that on to others because, in hindsight, a lot of details have to be updated.  (In some instances, we even took entirely unexpected detours.) Continue reading


Gigantes Islands Sample Itinerary & Budget Estimate

This sample itinerary and budget estimate is for a 1-day island hopping tour of the Gigantes Islands. The actual length however stretches to 4 days due to the distance of the Gigantes from the nearest airport and the flight schedules involved. This is patterned after our own itinerary, with some adjustments to account for what actually transpired. Continue reading

Suggested 7-day Itinerary for Vietnam and Cambodia

So I’m finally starting on the Vietnam/Cambodia blogs.  I initially planned to create the suggested itinerary and budget estimate towards the tail end of the series but since I’m slowly beginning to forget details of the trip, I figured I’d do these two first before I forget a lot more.

My trip actually took 9 calendar days from start to finish, but it’s the 7 full days in the middle of it that involves the most activities.  This is just a suggested itinerary.  I intend to create a more comprehensive travel guide in the future with which you can cross-reference when reading this entry.  (Update: I already created the budget estimate.  Click here.) Continue reading

Mt. Batulao Travel Guide


  • Drinking water – 1-1.5 liters for day hikes, 2-3 liters for overnight camps
  • Backpack – for better balance and stability
  • Extra dry clothes
  • Cellphone
  • Camera
  • Plastic bags and/or dry sacks – to waterproof gadgets and extra dry clothes
  • Cash in small bills – in case you run out of water, there’s a lot of huts selling drinks
  • Packed lunch – optional
  • Hiking pole – optional Continue reading

Biri Island Sample Itinerary

Here’s a sample itinerary patterned after my own when I went to Biri Island.  Hope it helps.  (For a Biri Island travel guide, please click here.)


8:00am – Airport check-in for Catarman flight
10:00am – ETD from Manila
11:15am – ETA at Catarman
11:45am – Board tricycle going to jeepney terminal
11:55am – Board jeepney going to Lavezares
12:45pm – Arrive at Lavezares and negotiate with boatmen going to Biri (or eat lunch, if you haven’t yet)
1:00pm – ETD from Lavezares
2:00pm – ETA at Biri Island
2:10pm – Check in at lodging house and prepare for tour
2:30pm – Leave for tour of the Macadlao rock formation.
6:00pm – Return to Biri town to buy dinner
6:30pm – Return to lodging house, wash up and wait for food to be cooked
7:30pm – Dinner and socials
9:00pm – Lights out (flexible)

*Note: ETD from Manila might be earlier, depending on the carrier. Continue reading