Biri Island, Day 3

The elusive avian wildlife of Biri

For this last day in Biri Island, we planned to go to the two southernmost rock formations of Bil-at and Karanas.  Bil-at is primarily known for the natural saltwater pool that separates it from Karanas.  This saltwater pool is larger, deeper and supports more aquatic life than the one which separates Magasang and Magsapad. Continue reading


Biri Island, Day 2

Waves pounding against Magsapad.


I got up very early the next day for the intended sunrise shoot among the baby mangroves.  We had to get to the spot by 5 am and so, Orlando picked me up at the ungodly hour of 4 am.  The major mistake I made was to intentionally leave my tripod in my room.  It was one of those silly decisions one makes when one is not accustomed to waking up that early. Continue reading

Biri Island, Day 1

Magsapad rock formation, Biri Island

Biri Island is geographically located north of the island of Samar and belongs to the Balicuatro island group.  It’s administratively under the the province of Northern Samar and is locally governed by its own self-named municipality.  Biri Island is mainly famous for its very picturesque rock formations in its northeast coast facing the Pacific Ocean. Continue reading