Holy Week 2012: Sitio Tamisan Outreach

When HLGG undertakes a major activity, it always follows this pattern: first, the outreach; next, the mountain climbing activity; and finally, beach bumming or simply just bumming around somewhere where we could relax our aching muscles from the climb.  Our trip in Occidental Mindoro followed exactly this pattern and so I will first blog about our outreach activity. Continue reading


“Nakatulong ka na, nakagala ka pa.”, part 3

One plank and two beached whales. (Photo courtesy of Ivan De Castro)

Lying down in a small tent without a makeshift pillow and with very little cushioning was quite uncomfortable, and I don’t think I would have been able to sleep if I wasn’t tired from the previous days activities.  I woke up ahead of all the others with a very painful back, making the act of sitting up excruciatingly painful.  I afterwards spent some time just soaking up the pre-dawn silence before the next person awoke. Continue reading

Marinduque Day 4: The long goodbye

Despite being dead drunk the night before, I was at least conscious enough of the fact that we were leaving for Manila in the morning of Day 4, and so I managed to get up relatively early.  The morning scene in A&A Beach Resort was typical of a lazy Sunday.  Some people were having breakfast, some were reading and some were watching TV.  Julius and Mrs. Belinda Uy went someplace else to catch some street dancing as part of the Easter celebrations.  I didn’t plan to go there anymore as I was too worried about getting stuck somewhere and missing the Ro-Ro ride back. Continue reading

Marinduque Day 1: Boac, Kabugsakan Falls and a bit of Gasan

CHECKING my summer schedule last March, I was pleased to discover that I would be having my first complete Holy Week vacation ever since my pre-call center days.  In planning what to do with a rare and luxurious 4 free days (Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday) I was torn between going out of town on one hand, and staying at home and rediscovering the beauty of my Catholic heritage through the Holy Week rites in my local parish on the other.

Continue reading