Back to the mainland, back to the city

It was close to noontime when we arrived at Estancia from the Gigantes. Rather than catching a ride to Iloilo City right away, the three of us decided to first have lunch at Pa-on Beach Club, as per our prior agreement.  So after saying our goodbyes to Joel upon disembarking from the boat, we then proceeded there. Continue reading


Gigantes Islands Travel Guide

(Photo courtesy of Richie Bulda)

The Gigantes Islands, with all its beaches, caves and rich marine life, is a real gem in the rough in the province of Iloilo.  Its sheer distance from Iloilo City and the rest of the Panay mainland however ensures that it almost always gets bypassed as a tourism destination of beach goers and backpackers in favor of the much nearer municipality of Concepcion or the more accessible province of Guimaras. Continue reading

Las Islas de Gigantes (prologue)

The Gigantes Islands are a small group of islands and islets off the northernmost point of the province of Iloilo in the Western Visayas region.  It’s not unusual for most Ilonggos themselves to be unaware of its existence because the Gigantes, as a destination, is well off the beaten track.  It is isolated by a body of water at least 2 hours away from the mainland and even it’s nearest mainland point is very distant from the main population centers of the province. Continue reading