Enjoying the GoPro bandwagon

(Photo courtesy of Ann Umaña.)

Sometime late last year, Ann purchased a GoPro camera with its matching extendable, hand-held monopod. Since then, we’ve been using it more often than any of our other cameras because the GoPro can literally be brought everywhere and a photo (or rather, selfie) can be taken at almost any angle imaginable.  In this photo, we were using it to take photos of ourselves at Camp John Hay’s TreeTop Adventure.  I hold the monopod and camera, while Ann snaps away using the remote control.


Year-end climb: Mt. Kinabalu

Photo courtesy of Ann Umaña

Last December 1 & 2, 2013, my girlfriend, Ann, and I climbed Mt. Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. Although reputed to be the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, it’s actually just the highest in archipelagic Southeast Asia because Myanmar in the Asian mainland occupies a portion of the Himalayas, which has peaks much higher than Mt. Kinabalu.

We were supposed to climb another mountain back here in the Philippines (Mt. Bulusan) as our year-end climb, but Mt. Kinabalu got us both physically and mentally exhausted that we agreed to not climb mountains anytime soon after. As usual, expect me to blog about this about a year from now as it’s now officially placed in the blog backlog.

What’s the name of this mountain?

Can anyone help me find out what the name of this mountain is?  This is the first mountain I’ve ever climbed but I don’t remember its name.  All I remember is that it’s located near the town of Jalajala, Rizal and is in close proximity to Laguna de Bay.  It’s about the same height as Mt. Batulao or shorter.  Much of the base and the middle part is forested but the top part is pure grassland. Continue reading