Everyone’s kinder in Batanes (even the tourists).


(Sorry I haven’t been posting for a long time.  I’ve been busy cramming all my reservations for my Vietnam/Cambodia trip and this has consumed my online time.  This is the last entry in the Batanes series, and hopefully, I’ll finish this one before I leave for my trip to Vietnam & Cambodia.)

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I’ve once said that no matter where I go in this country, I never really feel too far away from home because there is a certain familiarity when encountering fellow Filipinos even when they speak a different local language.  Generally speaking, and from my limited traveling experience, I find that no single group of Filipinos occupying a particular geographic area is much kinder or more unscrupulous than all the others. Continue reading


Batanes Day 2: Touring Sabtang (part 2) – 12/09/09

Most blogs are near-unanimous in referring to Chavayan as the town that is closest to what the old Ivatan culture was like before the onslaught of modernity hit Batanes.  Even the province’s official website recommends staying overnight in this old village to complete one’s Batanes experience.  It is on the strength of this recommendation that I initially wanted to find lodgings here for the night.

The Chavayan town marker Continue reading