Las Islas de Gigantes (afternoon)

(Photo courtesy of Richie Bulda)

I was getting a bit concerned because the first half of the day was already over, yet we haven’t even explored the Pawikan Cave yet.  Since it involved some mountain climbing, I thought there wouldn’t be enough enough daylight left to go trekking, spelunking and more island hopping later in the afternoon.  But since Kuya Jingle, our pilot, didn’t seem to view this as a problem, I just trusted in his judgment and went with the itinerary. Continue reading


Las Islas de Gigantes (morning)

(Photo courtesy of Gracey Isles)

We all woke up before the sunrise in order to give ourselves time to prepare for the day’s activities.  While Gracey took another shower while waiting for breakfast, Richie and I got our cameras and took pictures of morning scenes at the nearest seaside.  It was actually low tide and the water elevation was so low that one can literally walk towards a nearby rocky islet a kilometer away. Continue reading

Preview: Tangke Saltwater Lagoon

The Tangke Saltwater Lagoon is the main attraction of Las Islas de Gigantes in northern Iloilo.  Situated in Gigantes Sur island, Tangke might seem like a closed pool but actually has a hidden underwater tunnel exiting to the sea that allows the water level to rise and fall with the tides.  The best time to visit and take a dip is approaching noontime, when it’s at its deepest. Continue reading