Batanes Day 4: Biking from Basco to Mahatao to Ivana – 12/11/09

For my last full day in Batanes, I planned to spend it on my own – without a tourguide – by renting a bicycle and testing the strength of my legs and my lungs all the way to the town of Ivana in the south of Batan island.  I got the idea from Ironwulf, who gave very precise instructions on where I could rent a bicycle in Basco, as well as an idea of what a tour of that magnitude would entail for somebody who hasn’t used a bicycle in a decade.

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Batanes Day 3: Back to Batan (part 2) – 12/10/09

view on the road towards Uyugan from Mahatao

It was a long drive going towards the southernmost municipality of Uyugan.  It seemed as if this route only got as much as 5% of the vehicle volume of the much more frequently used western stretch of the National Road in Batan.  This area is sparsely populated as there are no villages/baranggays on sight.  The nearest baranggay is in Imnajbu, and even that is sparsely populated itself.

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