Holy Week 2012: Apo Reef (Day 1)

The previous night, we crashed in this small resort in the town of Sablayan.  We were exhausted, grimy and, for a few of us, bruised and injured from our torturous Mt. Iglit climb.  Needless to say, we were glad to have been able to wash up, have dinner, and lie down on real cushioned beds to rest our overworked backs and legs.  Some of us were still able to have a few drinks to cap the night.  I would have loved to join them, but I was just too dead tired, and it was already getting late. Continue reading


Holy Week 2012: Penitencia sa Mt. Iglit (ikalawang yugto)

Viernes Santo na.  Gumising kami ng mga 4am para makapag-almusal at makapag-handa sa aming summit assault sa Mt. Iglit.  Hindi pa malamig nang natulog kami nung nakaraang gabi, pero sa oras ng pag-gising namin ay maginaw na.  Ang una kong ginawa ay nagbihis sa loob ng tent ko ng pang-akyat ng bundok.  At dahil malapit nang mamatay ang baterya ng flashlight ko, yung BlackBerry na lang ang ginamit kong ilaw. Continue reading

Holy Week 2012: Penitencia sa Mt. Iglit (unang yugto)

(photo courtesy of Herbert Lapuz)

Para maiba naman, magta-Tagalog ako dito sa Mt. Iglit series dahil ilang beses ko nang iniisip kung paano ko ikukwento ito …at ang pakiramdam ko, parang walang dating yung lahat ng pinagdaanan ko sa putaragis napakahirap na bundok na ito kung magi-English ako.  Oo nga pala, lahat ng litrato dito ay hindi sa akin.  Puro video ang kinunan ko dahil  mas madaling ilabas yung BlackBerry nung araw na iyon. Yung DSLR kasi masyadong mabusisi. Continue reading

“Nakatulong ka na, nakagala ka pa.”, part 2

The gift-giving activity only lasted until mid-morning.  After exchanging farewell pleasantries with some of the older scholars, we then prepared for the climb.  The skies looked like it was going to rain soon, so it was settled that we would not go camping at Mt. Malindig.  Instead we would just spend the night at the foundation’s premises later, once we’ve descended the mountain. Continue reading

Gallery: Mt. Pulag (2010)

Since my friends Fung and Teri posted photos of their recent Mt. Pulag climbs, this got me a bit envious because I’ve always planned on making a return climb to that mountain and once again conquering its summit.  It’s one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have that’s quite doable and accessible even for non-mountaineers.  Here are photos of my climb last May 22-23, 2010.

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Sagada Adventure, Day 2 (Marlboro Country)


I can’t recall if it was the BlackBerry’s alarm that woke me up or the fact that I’m generally a light sleeper in unfamiliar surroundings.  I do remember waking up a few times the previous night and again falling back to sleep soon after.  The last time I did though, I discerned a bit of daylight through the tent and so I thought (correctly, it turns out) that it was already time to view the sunrise.  So after wearing my shoes and getting my camera, It was time to shoot. Continue reading

Sagada Adventure, Day 1 (Marlboro Country)

So we were going camping.  We’d hike to this place called “Marlboro Country”, set up camp and then spend the night there.  While most Sagada trip itineraries would recommend viewing the sunrise at Mt. Kiltepan, the sunrise view at Marlboro Country promises to be just as good, if not better. Continue reading

Batulao Climb, Part 2 – 08/02/08

(To continue…)

And all throughout, the rain became continuous.  No, it wasn’t a spattering rain that made loud noises as it fell to the earth.  This was very fine rain, which, coupled with the high wind speed, was almost like a spray.  One moment you hear the wind whistling in your ears, the next moment your face is drenched with rainwater. Continue reading


Last August 2, I joined my office’s local mountaineering group for a minor climb at Mount Batulao (in the province of Batangas.)  I should have been blogging about this weeks ago just after the trip, but some tech-related setbacks occurred that caused the delay.

= = = = = = = = = =

I’ve always preferred the mountains over the sea but I realized that over the past decade, I’ve been visiting beaches more frequently than the mountains.  That, and the fact that I’ve haven’t left Metro Manila for the past 2 years made me sign up for the Batulao trip.  It was quite exciting because my previous mountain-climbing experience was confined to informal climbs involving barely-challenging peaks (i.e. those that don’t even require backpacks and can be accomplished in a day.)  This climb was an overnight one, which necessitated the bringing of food rations, tents and lots of tissues and wet wipes.

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