“Nakatulong ka na, nakagala ka pa.”, part 3

One plank and two beached whales. (Photo courtesy of Ivan De Castro)

Lying down in a small tent without a makeshift pillow and with very little cushioning was quite uncomfortable, and I don’t think I would have been able to sleep if I wasn’t tired from the previous days activities.  I woke up ahead of all the others with a very painful back, making the act of sitting up excruciatingly painful.  I afterwards spent some time just soaking up the pre-dawn silence before the next person awoke. Continue reading


What’s happened so far…

PRIOR to resurrecting my blog I thought I’d just give a quick rundown of what has transpired in that one year since I stopped posting new entries.  My last entry was on the two volcanoes I visited.  After that, I went to…


a typical housefront during Pahiyas

This is a popular festival held in the town of Lucban in Quezon Province held every year in mid-May in honor of the town’s patron saint, San Isidro.  I joined TF with this trip and left Manila at around 5am.  Due to the traffic, we got to arrive at Lucban at just about past lunch time.  It’s a good thing we still got to see the entirety of the parade.  As expected, tourists trooped to this town in vast legions.  I’d love to visit the town again when it’s free of the crowds. Continue reading