Taiwan: Epilogue

This is absolutely the last entry of this series and I must say I’m relieved that I’ve already come to this point.  As I’ve already mentioned before, the events of this series occurred more than 1 year before and I’m eager to blog about my more recent travels.  I originally planned to have this epilogue as the last part of the previous entry on Taiwan, but since that was getting to be too long, I just decided to create a separate entry for it. Continue reading

Taiwan: Last 24 hours in Taipei

Basically every point in Taipei can be reached by means of the subway, provided that one knows how to read and speak Mandarin.  For someone who does not, making sense of the “helpful” diagrams posted all over the train stations can be downright confusing – even if the place names have their Roman letter equivalents written just below the Chinese characters. Continue reading

Taiwan: Leaving Yilan, Arriving in Taipei

Woke up the next day with an image of somebody – might have been Sam or Pavel - leaving the room and wishing me well.  I was still sleepy enough to not make sense of anything.  Later on, after a few more minutes of dozing off, I realized that my 3 roommates were gone (they’ve taken an early bus going back to Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Kaohsiung) and that I too had to quickly take a shower and pack my stuff for the trip going to Taipei. Continue reading

A [tried and tested] Myanmar Itinerary and Budget

The Shwedagon Pagoda (Photo courtesy of Anamarie Umaña)

This blog’s worst nightmare (so far) has materialized.  I now have more than a year’s backlog of entries that need to be posted.  I have, like, 5 pending drafts that are in varying stages of completeness – or the lack of it – and I desperately hope it doesn’t take another year to finish them.

Anyway, I recently just came back from a truly great adventure in the golden land of Myanmar and I have been asked by various people for my itinerary.  I had a working itinerary and budget estimate prior to the trip that was the product of months of research.  I hesitated to just pass that on to others because, in hindsight, a lot of details have to be updated.  (In some instances, we even took entirely unexpected detours.) Continue reading

Preview: Malatan-og Falls

Malatan-og Falls from Liquid Druid on Vimeo.

One of my pleasant discoveries last year was the almost-unknown municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto in Negros Occidental. And within this municipality in the mountains is a majestic 100 ft.-tall waterfall named Malatan-og.

I’ll begin blogging about my Negros Occidental solo trip after I finally wrap up the Taiwan series. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that before I leave for Myanmar at the end of this month.

Gallery: The Taiwan Theater Museum

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The last place we visited in our 3-day cultural tour of Taiwan was the Taiwan Theater Museum in Yilan. The museum exhibited Taiwan’s very rich background in traditional Chinese theater. There were also exhibits dedicated to famous Taiwanese thespians and the costumes they used in their most famous roles, as well as vast and colorfuldisplays on puppetry.  Since Yilan isn’t really a place tourists particularly go to, this museum is not normally packed with people and is certainly an ideal place to visit on any day to expose oneself to Taiwanese culture. Continue reading