Sagada Adventure, Epilogue (Banaue Exit)

Once everyone was settled in the jeepney, most of us engaged in the favorite jeepney past time of dozing off during very long drives.  Some would occasionally take out their cameras to shoot particularly nice scenery through the jeepney’s windows.  As my camera’s autofocus is busted, trying to take pictures in a moving jeepney in bumpy and winding roads is an exercise in futility.  I contented myself with just resting until the stopover. Continue reading


Sagada Adventure, Day 3 (Walking Tour)

Our last night in Sagada was also the first and only night we’d get to sleep in a real bed.  (The previous night, it was on the hard ground of a tent, and before that, we spent it in a bus on long 10-hour ride.)  We had ample time to sleep and it certainly gave our aching joints and muscles time to recover after the previous day’s activities.  This day’s sole activity promised to be more laid back as we would be doing a simple walking tour of the different places of interest in the Sagada town proper. Continue reading

Sagada Adventure, Day 2 (Cave Connection)

I’m unsure as to whether this blog will be the shortest or the longest in this Sagada series, mostly because it would be very hard to put into words the experience of going through Sagada’s famous cave connection (and my tendency is to be more verbose than usual when describing something that I don’t have the words for.)  I don’t think any language in the world have invented words that would accurately the physical and mental fatigue that one undergoes when doing this for the first time. Continue reading

Sagada Adventure, Day 2 (Marlboro Country)


I can’t recall if it was the BlackBerry’s alarm that woke me up or the fact that I’m generally a light sleeper in unfamiliar surroundings.  I do remember waking up a few times the previous night and again falling back to sleep soon after.  The last time I did though, I discerned a bit of daylight through the tent and so I thought (correctly, it turns out) that it was already time to view the sunrise.  So after wearing my shoes and getting my camera, It was time to shoot. Continue reading

Sagada Adventure, Day 1 (Marlboro Country)

So we were going camping.  We’d hike to this place called “Marlboro Country”, set up camp and then spend the night there.  While most Sagada trip itineraries would recommend viewing the sunrise at Mt. Kiltepan, the sunrise view at Marlboro Country promises to be just as good, if not better. Continue reading

Sagada Adventure, Day 1 (Arrival)

So Jose Rizal Day* weekend was coming up and a lot of people who have normal jobs were busy making vacation plans due to the declared special holiday.  Normally, people in the same industry as I am would be excluded from making such plans as everyone else due to the fact that we normally don’t follow Philippine holidays. Continue reading

Sagada Adventure (Prologue)


Some years ago, when the world was younger and I was more than a few pounds lighter, I had the chance to visit Sagada with my family via Banaue and Bontoc.  Back then, I still wasn’t into traveling as I am now.  And in fact, I kind of resented joining that family trip to the Cordilleras because there was this big party that I wanted to attend on the same date as the trip. Continue reading