Marinduque Day 3: Tres Reyes, Gaspar Island, Buenavista, Torrijos, etc.

I got sidetracked by all my activities this summer resulting in a sluggishness that prevented me from continuing my Marinduque blogs.  Right now, aside from finishing this Marinduque series, I also have my Mt. Pinatubo, Taal Volcano, Pahiyas Festival and Mt. Pulag blogs in my blog backlog.  And so, before I forget important details, I will now finish the Marinduque series. Continue reading


Marinduque Day 2 (afternoon): Back to Gasan, Back to Boac….with a boy genius and a lot of blood in between

The Antipos of Gasan

AFTER having lunch, we then boarded our jeepney again to return to Gasan to document the Antipos/Flagellantes.  Before that, we did a brief stopover in the ancestral home of some of Boyet’s relatives.  He said it was the home of a former mayor and it’s a house that President Ferdinand Marcos himself visited when he was in Marinduque, and even pointed to a chair that the late president actually sat on.  After taking a few photos of the home’s interior, it was time to move on. Continue reading

Marinduque Day 2 (morning): Morion Parade in Gasan, Via Crucis in Boac

SO according to Fung’s comments in the previous entry, Albert and I indeed had a snore-fest the night before.  (Sorry!)  Anyway, it was a nice sunny morning on Day 2, and after doing my usual stretching exercises and push-ups, I prepared for the day’s activities.  I made the mistake of not charging my camera battery before sleeping and I just hoped that it would last until the end of the day.  (More on this later.)

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