Marinduque Day 2 (afternoon): Back to Gasan, Back to Boac….with a boy genius and a lot of blood in between

The Antipos of Gasan

AFTER having lunch, we then boarded our jeepney again to return to Gasan to document the Antipos/Flagellantes.  Before that, we did a brief stopover in the ancestral home of some of Boyet’s relatives.  He said it was the home of a former mayor and it’s a house that President Ferdinand Marcos himself visited when he was in Marinduque, and even pointed to a chair that the late president actually sat on.  After taking a few photos of the home’s interior, it was time to move on. Continue reading


Marinduque Day 2 (morning): Morion Parade in Gasan, Via Crucis in Boac

SO according to Fung’s comments in the previous entry, Albert and I indeed had a snore-fest the night before.  (Sorry!)  Anyway, it was a nice sunny morning on Day 2, and after doing my usual stretching exercises and push-ups, I prepared for the day’s activities.  I made the mistake of not charging my camera battery before sleeping and I just hoped that it would last until the end of the day.  (More on this later.)

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Marinduque Day 1: Boac, Kabugsakan Falls and a bit of Gasan

CHECKING my summer schedule last March, I was pleased to discover that I would be having my first complete Holy Week vacation ever since my pre-call center days.  In planning what to do with a rare and luxurious 4 free days (Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday) I was torn between going out of town on one hand, and staying at home and rediscovering the beauty of my Catholic heritage through the Holy Week rites in my local parish on the other.

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