My Intramuros Walking Tour Route (late afternoon to evening) – 12/21/08

Final installment of my Intramuros walking tour summary:

  • The drizzle turned out to last for just a couple of minutes, so I continued to walk along Muralla Street.
  • Passed by the Boys and Girls Scout monument in an island just across Puerta Isabel II.
  • Reached the abandoned Aduana building which was situated at the center of Intramuros’ Pasig River entrance. Continue reading

My Intramuros Walking Tour Route (afternoon) – 12/21/08

[This is the continuation of my blog of the Intramuros walking tour.  The previous blog can be accessed here.]

In the afternoon I endeavored to walk the perimeter of the old walled city.  Here is the summary of the route I took:

  • After yosi break, I then walked the length of Sta. Clara Street then turned left to Arzobispo Street.
  • I intended to look for the ruins of the San Ignacio Church, so I crossed A. Soriano Street and went straight until I reached the site in the corner of Arzobispo and Anda Streets.
  • Turned right to Anda Street to get to the front of the ruins which faced Sta. Lucia Street, and passing by the old Ateneo Municipal de Manila site. Continue reading

My Intramuros Walking Tour Route (before noon) – 12/21/08

Here’s a summary of the path I took in touring Intramuros in the morning of December 21:

  • Got off the cab at the Fort Santiago Entrance.
  • Carlos Celdran’s tour started at Plaza Moriones near the Intramuros Visitors’ Center.
  • Walked for a short distance towards the War Memorial still in Plaza Moriones for a short lecture.
  • Walked towards the Fort Santiago gate for another lecture.
  • Walked back to Plaza Moriones, up to the Fort Santiago exit.

Continue reading

My Intramuros Wishlist

[This is the first in probably three blog entries I will make regarding Intramuros.  I’ve just finished uploading most of the photos that I took during my 1-day tour of the walled city, and I’ve spent the past 5 days mostly organizing in my head the stuff I want to write about.]

A person who gets a chance to explore Intramuros for a whole day will surely encounter both the beautiful and the ugly, the charming and the ghastly, in the walled city.  The following is my own wish list on what needs to be done in Intramuros in order to enhance, or even just preserve it’s character as Manila’s premier historical district.  I understand that most of these will entail a lot of funding, and are thus close to impossible.  But hey, we can all dream, can’t we?