What I think of “Wakeskating” at the Banaue Rice Terraces

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Sagada Adventure, Epilogue (Banaue Exit)

Once everyone was settled in the jeepney, most of us engaged in the favorite jeepney past time of dozing off during very long drives.  Some would occasionally take out their cameras to shoot particularly nice scenery through the jeepney’s windows.  As my camera’s autofocus is busted, trying to take pictures in a moving jeepney in bumpy and winding roads is an exercise in futility.  I contented myself with just resting until the stopover. Continue reading

Sagada Adventure, Day 1 (Arrival)

So Jose Rizal Day* weekend was coming up and a lot of people who have normal jobs were busy making vacation plans due to the declared special holiday.  Normally, people in the same industry as I am would be excluded from making such plans as everyone else due to the fact that we normally don’t follow Philippine holidays. Continue reading