Harassment: I receved a “DMCA Takedown Notice”

Just this morning, I received an email from “Phil” of WordPress.com explaining that my blog post entitled “Batanes is not anyone’s private playground” has been the subject of a “DMCA Takedown Notice” due to alleged copyright infringement.  As a result, it has been set to private, no one can view it, and I have been warned that if I do not completely delete the post, then this entire blog (meaning my WordPress account) would be permanently suspended.

I have been told that if I wish to challenge this, then I would be given information on how to go about it.  In the course of our correspondence, it was revealed that the one who initiated the action is a certain “Neil Guanlao”.  The claim was that the entire post is his and that I merely copied it.  Preposterous.

What this “Neil Guanlao” did, was create an entirely new blog (which so far has only 3 entries), copy-paste my entire post, and pass the latter off as his.  His proof?  He ante-dated his own entry to make it look like he was the first one who posted it.  My proof that he did this?  My post makes reference to past entries which simply don’t exist in his “blog”.  And besides, his image link was even taken from MY Photobucket account.  Check it out:  —> http://i-live-to-write.blogspot.com/2013/02/batanes-is-not-anyones-private.html

Now, I have my doubts as to whether this “Neil Guanlao” is a real person or if it’s just a cover for someone who is interested in blocking access to that particular post of mine, which obviously ruffled someone’s feathers.  If you have been able to read before, you would know that the natural suspect would a certain Cris Reyes Galang whom I had a disagreement with.  Frankly, no one out there would be spiteful enough to initiate such a pathetic attempt at saving face.

So Cris Reyes Galang, I’m calling you out.  Own up to this action or deny it in public.  Tell everyone that you have nothing to do with this, then I’ll get off your case.  (But if it turns out that it is indeed you, then this stunt of yours will be a recurring subject of my condescension.  That, I can assure you.)

For the meantime, I am making a formal challenge as per the guidelines provided by WordPress.  Anyone who hasn’t read the post yet and would wish to do so, leave a comment below, and I’ll send you a text version of the post.  What I’ve written there is something I believe in and I’m willing to risk being banned by WordPress.com just so more people would be able to read it.

(P.S.:  As much as I’d like to think this is just an April Fool’s joke, I do not take too well to stifling my self-expression.)


13 thoughts on “Harassment: I receved a “DMCA Takedown Notice”

  1. What the hell? I checked out the post and I have a feeling that his latest one is a plagiarized one as well, pending proof. hahaha tsk tsk tsk the depths that people will sink into nga naman.

      • Actually, maybe she could take the same actions para maharass din in an official capacity yung mga wagas kung makacopy paste. At least may basis pag siya unlike this weird thing happening with yours hahaha

  2. Chito, maybe who ever did this to you didn’t know that you were a Foreign Research Specialist, before you joined the business world, and not just some novice blogger just weaned out from University, thinking that you are another easy prey. They should think again!
    Besides, I think that before WordPress freezes a post on account of someone else claiming its theirs then they should’ve investigated further rather than becoming a willing accessory to someone else spite. They should have know better. Complete Staff Work WordPress.

  3. WTF. Whoever did this has got to be a complete psycho. They don’t have the balls (and the brains) to make a counterargument so they resort to this. What a disgusting, underhanded thing to do. I hope you get it cleared up with WordPress soon. Kung hindi, kuha tayong resbak. May kilala akong mambabarang. Hehehe.

    • I can accept the fact that someone is psycho enough to go through all that just to get back at me.

      What I can not accept is the fact that WordPress so easily took down my content without even making a cursory observation as to whether the “complaint” has any merit at all. (It does not. It would take one less than 5 minutes to arrive at such a conclusion.)

      Worse, they did not even verify if the “complainant” provided real contact information. As such, anyone can provide fake info to initiate a complaint and use this DMCA as a harassment tool… and WordPress is only too willing to let themselves be used.

      WORST, the challenge process mandates me to provide WordPress with my personal contact information which they will then forward to the “complainant”, thereby opening up more avenues for harassment. AND if it turns out that after 14 days the “complainant” does not answer my challenge, then my content will simply be reinstated WITHOUT any penalties or any adverse consequences whatsoever to the “complainant”. JUST. LIKE. THAT.

      So in theory (and in practice, as this case shows), anyone can file multiple complaints in order to take down possibly ALL of a blogger’s content, and WordPress will do the dirty work for them without hesitation.

      Needless to say, I’m very disappointed with WordPress. That’s an understatement.

    • They don’t even have to make a full-blown investigation right away (which is what the complainant wants, as a way of having my content taken down.) WordPress just has to check if there is merit in the complaint before giving it due course.

    • Well, the one who caused this idiocy disappeared, and WordPress has done absolutely nothing after restoring by blog. What we learned here is that this DMCA takedown notice can be done by just about anybody without prior verification by the host.


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