Gallery: Feng Chia Night Market

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I’ve never been to a night market before so I eagerly anticipated this opportunity when we stopped by at Taichung City late in the afternoon of July 23, 2012.  We just had a full day of non-stop touring and we were given free time in the early evening to roam around the Feng Chia Night Market.

In hindsight, it wasn’t all that remarkable because it felt just like Banchetto… although to be fair, I just roamed around the parts where all sorts of street food was sold.  (I never was interested in shopping.)  But the Feng Chia had a certain appeal to me probably because of its entirely different cultural context.  Once I got separated from my group mates in the tour, it was the first time in the entire Taiwan trip that I felt truly lost.  And I love getting lost.  That’s the kind of traveler I am.

No one looked familiar, the signs were in a language I could not understand, and often got lost in the currency conversion.  It’s in that kind of surroundings that a friendly smile is most valuable, and the Taiwanese, I’m happy to say, turned out to be quite a friendly people.

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2 thoughts on “Gallery: Feng Chia Night Market

  1. Well I don’t mind getting a little lost in another country, as long as it isn’t too lost. I don’t mind looking around and maybe doing a little shopping on my own, but I’m not a big risk taker when it comes to food. I usually only eat what I’m use to, although, on occasion I will take a chance, but that is not often at all. I have never been to Taiwan, but it’s one of the places I would like to visit.

    • Taiwan wasn’t really a priority destination for me because I go more for nature and history/culture when I go on trips rather than, say, expansive urban areas. Having said that, I had a surprisingly good time in Taiwan. Maybe the fact that the trip was sponsored had a lot to do with it. Hehe. But seriously, if you take away all the chinese signs, it felt like what the Philippines would be if our leaders only governed us well.


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