Still travel-related…

I’ve been going to all these places to keep my mind off thoughts of you, but each time I end up somewhere where I think I’m as far from you as possible, I find myself doing something foolish such as seeing your smile in the sunrise, writing your name in the sand, or wanting so much to hold your hand when I’m walking by my lonesome in some city at night.

Maybe I’m not going away far enough.  I don’t know.  But so far, nothing works.  I always try and I always fail.

I can not escape you.


3 thoughts on “Still travel-related…

  1. Claudette. I’m quite sure we have completely different situations in mind, but to answer your question, these are the 2 things that helped me recover: (1) time; and (2) will power. The latter might not work for most, but it did for me.


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