Weight loss update

Left: October 2011; Right: September 2012

Well, it took one long year, but I think I’m now finally showing obvious signs of weight loss.  The photo on the left was taken in October of last year at Poctoy White Beach in Marinduque, a day after my very first mountain climb with HLGG.  At that time, I tipped the scales at more than 200 pounds due to a daily diet of half a gallon of ice cream and all sorts of junk food and fast food meals.

Since that time, I’ve climbed 7 mountains, traveled to 3 other countries, experimented with different diet and exercise regimens and I haven’t smoked for some 16 months now.  I’ve drastically cut down on rice, burgers, fries, sodas and sweets, and I’m no longer prone to overeating.  I think I’m at the healthiest I’ve ever been in my adult life.  Last night, I tipped the scales at 172 pounds.  Still a long way to go from my ideal weight of 162, but I’m getting there.  The last 2 months, I’ve settled into a consistent workout schedule and have been “forced” (long story) to get myself into a highly nutritious but very light diet that I’ve grown accustomed to.

The photo on the right was taken a few weeks ago at Tarak Ridge in Bataan.  I was with my HLGG friends on another mountain climb.  I think I’ve lost a bit more weight since then.  It does motivate me a bit to see the difference between a year ago and today.



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