Be back soon

(Photo courtesy of Gracey Isles)

I’ll be leaving for a week-long trip to Taiwan to attend an international youth conference on Buddhism.  No, I have no intentions of converting to that religion, but I do want to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about a completely different way of viewing the world.Anyway, I fully intended to come up with one more post on the Iloilo series but the hectic preparations for this trip has eaten up my free time and so I’m just leaving you with this goodbye note for now.

Say, you know what?  Let’s have a contest!  The prize is that you get to be the very first Featured Traveler of this blog.  That means I’ll interview you either in person or online and people will get to know you.  If you have your own blog, we’ll even promote it! 😀  Here are the mechanics:

1.  To win, you need to guess correctly where the picture above was taken; and

2.  Give the nicknames of at least three (3) people I met in my travels and where I met them.  The following are not counted: (1) Names of tour guides; (2) your own name; and (3) names of other people in our group when you met me.

3.  The winner will be determined by means of the time stamps in the comments section of this entry.  I might increase the number of entries if in case there would be a lot of entries.

So there, that ought to keep you occupied.  Bye for now!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Note: I do not earn anything from this blog.  I just love it when my site generates a lot of hits.  That’s all there is to it.


11 thoughts on “Be back soon

  1. So I have too much time on my hand… Hehehe >:->

    The picture was taken atop the old Gusi Lighthouse in Guimaras Island.
    3 other people not part of MY group: Stu and Dee in Mt. Pulag + Sheryl in Marinduque!

    • Actually, the last part of your answer wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. But owing to the fact that you’re the only one who actually submitted an answer…..YOU WIN! hahaha

      Thanks, Fung!

  2. But but… we’re friends! Kelangan ko pa bang sumali ng contest para mai-feature?? Haha! Epal mode. 😛 Ang saya naman ng Taiwan trip mo. Pano ba makasingit diyan? Meron pa next year? 😀


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