Preview: Midyear Mountain Madness

Starting from the Holy Week up until a few weekends ago, my out-of-town trips consisted almost entirely of mountain climbs with HLGG.  In two of those trips, I broke my no-jumpshots vow because – okay, I’ll admit it – it can be fun.

But If I’m going to belatedly jump in the bandwagon, I thought I’d contribute my own style.  So here are a few .gif files of our jumpshots.  (Edited to add: looking at these .gif files, I think I just successfully combined planking and jumpshots.)



A bit faster this time…

All photos were taken by Myrish Llagas, and you can create your own .gif files through this website.  (Be sure to save your .gif file because the link expires after 12 hours.)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

This entry is part of the Midyear Mountain Madness series

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