What’s the name of this mountain?

Can anyone help me find out what the name of this mountain is?  This is the first mountain I’ve ever climbed but I don’t remember its name.  All I remember is that it’s located near the town of Jalajala, Rizal and is in close proximity to Laguna de Bay.  It’s about the same height as Mt. Batulao or shorter.  Much of the base and the middle part is forested but the top part is pure grassland.

Quite an easy trail too, or maybe I simply had a lot more stamina and flexibility 19 years ago.  In that picture, I was even wearing jeans and I remember that my Aerosport* sneakers had almost no traction.  I survived on that half-liter water bottle I was holding in the picture and I don’t recall being too tired that I needed to rest.

The picture was taken in 1993.  We had a Math (Trigonometry) activity back in 3rd year high school wherein we were tasked to measure the height of the entire mountain using only a meter stick, a length of rope and a compass (the one used for drawing circles.)

Take note that the mountain I’m inquiring about is the one I’m standing on in the picture, and not the one in the background.  It’s possible that it’s Mt. Sembrano since it’s basically the only mountain of note that’s associated with Jalajala.  But it’s also possible that Mt. Sembrano is the one in the background, and thus making the identity of the one we were standing on in the picture still a mystery.

I’d appreciate any feedback.  Just place them in the comments below.  Thanks!

*Aerosport – an old local brand of sneakers

(Update 7/10/12 – My friends seem to be of the opinion that the mountain is Mt. Sembrano.  However, I was able to climb Mt. Sembrano a few weekends ago and I can confirm that it’s not the same mountain.  So this mountain’s identity is still a mystery for now.)


2 thoughts on “What’s the name of this mountain?

    • Thanks Ivan! Mt. Sembrano seems to be the consensus of my friends in FB. I also browsed Pinoymountaineer before I posted this, but the photos he posted are of a different angle so I had to ask. 🙂


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