On the Surigao del Norte entry about destructive mining

(Note: This was an update I made on a previous blog entry that I feel needs to be made as a separate post.)

In the past months, I have received (and continue to receive) a lot of comments regarding this particular blog entry, both for and against mining.  At first, the pro-mining posts made me question my views on mining in Surigao del Norte.  As such I endeavored to do a lot more research just to be absolutely sure on whether or not my original views are justified.  I have done this, and I have come to the conclusion that while a few minor details of my original entry are inaccurate, these do not in any way affect my conviction that what’s happening in Surigao del Norte is blatantly destructive and far outweighs any good benefit.

In the past weeks, I have received a deluge of pro-mining comments whose phrasing are strikingly generic as if they were lifted straight out of a pro-mining handbook.  As I have already received similar comments and replied to most issues they raised (and more importantly acknowledged any mistake I might have made), I do not feel the need to repeat my replies.  And I certainly do not feel the need to publish the new duplicitous comments either.

More to the point, I’d like to make it known that I will no longer approve for publishing any additional comments on this issue.  I’m thoroughly convinced of my beliefs and no amount of agreements or disagreements will strengthen or weaken, respectively, such conviction.  I will however still read new comments in their entirety prior to deleting them.

I run a travel blog and I consider it a failure on my part that this entry – which has almost nothing to do with traveling – is the one that has gotten the most number of hits in the history of this blog ever.  Disabling the comment function for this post is my way of spending more time blogging about what this site is all about: my travels. 

If any prospective pro-mining commenters feel particularly aggrieved about not being able to reply to the points I raised, then they are certainly welcome to create their own blog where they would have greater freedom to elucidate on the supposed strengths of their position.  (And they can even get even by disapproving my comments should I feel the need to make them.)