Gallery: Chasing an Egret

So my vacation leaves have been approved and SEAir already confirmed the departure date and time.  I’m definitely going back to Batanes.  Here’s one of the more memorable things that happened to me in Batanes.

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Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote about it in my old blog:

For this particular bird, I found it by it’s lonesome by the roadside while I was on a bicycle en route to the town of Ivana in southern Batan island. I carefully parked my bicycle by the roadside and tried to get a closer shot. While I was just 10 meters away, it flew away, but only for a short distance. So what I did was that I got my 55-250mm lens, ran on tiptoe while changing lenses to get a much, much closer shot of this bird.

I caught up with it and managed to get closer by 5 meters. It kept on flying away, but it only for short distances, until I caught up with it by a cliffside and I was just 3 meters away. What transpired was one of the best wildlife shots I’ve ever taken.



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