Marinduque Day 4: The long goodbye

Despite being dead drunk the night before, I was at least conscious enough of the fact that we were leaving for Manila in the morning of Day 4, and so I managed to get up relatively early.  The morning scene in A&A Beach Resort was typical of a lazy Sunday.  Some people were having breakfast, some were reading and some were watching TV.  Julius and Mrs. Belinda Uy went someplace else to catch some street dancing as part of the Easter celebrations.  I didn’t plan to go there anymore as I was too worried about getting stuck somewhere and missing the Ro-Ro ride back.

The thought that this was our last day in Marinduque did not particularly bother us.  Yes, we did have a great time in this province, but overall, I think we were all looking forward to finally getting back to Manila. So after breakfast, I began to pack my stuff for the 7- to 8-hour trip back home.

We were however greeted by bad news as our ride home was severely delayed due to a Ro-Ro stalling in the strait between Marinduque and the port of Lucena.  This means our morning ride just got moved to late afternoon.  The good thing about this is that we suddenly had enough time to shop for souvenirs. So off we went to the Boac town center to have lunch, and after, we “young” ones went shopping for souvenirs, while the Uy couple went to some spa to have a massage.

Back at the A&A Beach Resort, we whiled the time away abusing the videoke machine, while some others were busy doing post-prod work on their shots in Adobe Photoshop.  I took my nth shower of the day as it was so hot and humid, and before long, it was already time to go.  No more photos this day.  I had already carefully and securely packed my camera equipment and I didn’t want to take it out again.

The scene at the port was utter chaos as we were informed that for purposes of security we had to be delayed for a few more hours (it’s a long story) while the Ro-Ro that we were supposed to ride would leave without us.  We all just had to bit our lips in frustration as we were powerless to do anything about it.

It was already about past 8 or 9 pm when we were finally able to board a boat that would take us to the port of Lucena.

So goodbye Marinduque.  Thanks for a very memorable and fun-filled time.  (Next year, I hope we’d be taking the a plane.)

= = = = = = = = = =

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