My Intramuros Walking Tour Route (late afternoon to evening) – 12/21/08

Final installment of my Intramuros walking tour summary:

  • The drizzle turned out to last for just a couple of minutes, so I continued to walk along Muralla Street.
  • Passed by the Boys and Girls Scout monument in an island just across Puerta Isabel II.
  • Reached the abandoned Aduana building which was situated at the center of Intramuros’ Pasig River entrance.
  • Walked towards Plaza España – an island with King Felipe II’s monument across Muralla Street from the Aduana Building.
  • From there I looked for Plaza Sto. Tomas, which was surprisingly difficult to see as it was hidden by the massive BF Condominium.

  • I found the Plaza in the corner of Solana and Sto. Tomas Streets – between the BF Condominium and the Colegio de Sta. Rosa
  • Walked down Sto. Tomas Street, and in the process passing by some squalid surroundings which stretched all the way to Magallanes Street (the ugliest street in Intramuros.)
  • Finally reached the Ayuntamiento ruins, and consequently Manila Cathedral and Plaza Roma.
  • Lingered in the area for a while to decide what I should do next.  Took a few more pictures
  • From Plaza Roma, walked along A. Soriano Avenue until I exited at the gate beside Plaza Willard.
  • Walked well outside the walls until I reached the Anda Circle in the middle of Bonifacio Drive to take pictures of the Anda monument.
  • Walked back to the gate, further along A. Soriano Avenue, then all the way back to the Aduana Building to see if I can observe the reconstruction of the curtain wall.  The site was fenced with tall sheets of plywood, so I wasn’t able to do so.

  • Encircled the Aduana Building to take a look at Plaza Mexico along the southern bank of the Pasig River.  There were a lot of homeless living in the Plaza.
  • At around 6 pm, I got hungry again so I walked towards the corner of Cabildo Street and A. Soriano Avenue to dine at Chow King.  From the restaurant, one has a sweeping view of the Ayuntamiento ruins, the Manila Cathedral, Plaza Roma and even the Palacio del Gobernador.
  • After dinner, I went to Plaza Roma to smoke and take a few pictures of Manila Cathedral and the Palacio del Gobernador.  Spent some time in Plaza Roma inspecting an exhibit on biblical history under a tent.
  • Proceeded to General Luna Street with the intention of hailing a cab.  Got stopped by an SUV with an “8” plate number at the corner of Beaterio and General Luna Streets.  The occupants (who looked like bodyguards) were asking for directions to Patio Victoria.  I told them they are on the correct street, but they need to go all the way back around 100 meters.

  • Walked further along until I reached the San Agustin Church.  Took pictures of the facade.
  • Finally boarded a cab in front of the NCCA building in the corner of General Luna and Sta. Potenciana Streets.


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