My Intramuros Walking Tour Route (afternoon) – 12/21/08

[This is the continuation of my blog of the Intramuros walking tour.  The previous blog can be accessed here.]

In the afternoon I endeavored to walk the perimeter of the old walled city.  Here is the summary of the route I took:

  • After yosi break, I then walked the length of Sta. Clara Street then turned left to Arzobispo Street.
  • I intended to look for the ruins of the San Ignacio Church, so I crossed A. Soriano Street and went straight until I reached the site in the corner of Arzobispo and Anda Streets.
  • Turned right to Anda Street to get to the front of the ruins which faced Sta. Lucia Street, and passing by the old Ateneo Municipal de Manila site.
  • Went up the Baluarte Plano Luneta de Sta. Isabel, which was at the section of the wall across Sta. Lucia Street from the San Ignacio Church ruins.

  • Descended the Baluarte and proceeded to Puerta de Sta. Lucia.  Walked out the gate towards the Hidalgo monument along Bonifacio Drive.
  • Went back to to Intramuros through Puerta Sta. Lucia and went up the Baluartillo de San Eugenio.  Descended the Baluartillo and walked towards the ruins of the Cuartel de Artilleria de Montaña which was nearby.
  • Walked further towards the Baluartillo de San Jose and viewed the Reducto de San Pedro, which was a few meters outside the walls.
  • Descended the Baluartillo and went back to Sta. Lucia Street.  Tried to enter the Baluarte de San Diego at the corner of Sta. Lucia and Muralla Streets but it was closed due to a private function.
  • Turned left at the corner to Muralla Street (where PLM is) and proceeded to Puerta Real.  It was closed at that time so I was not able to proceed to the Revellin de Real de Bagumbayan
  • Walked a bit more and reached the Intramuros main entrance leading to General Luna Street.

  • Went up the walls again to reach the Baluarte de San Andres.  The National Museum is visible in the distance outside the walls, while within, the buildings of DOLE and the Manila Bulletin are the ones near the Baluarte.
  • Walked along the walls to view the Revellin de Recolletos. then walked some more until I went over the Victoria Street entrance.
  • Got hungry so I descended the walls and had a 2 p.m. lunch at Mc Donald’s (!?!) near the corner of Victoria and Muralla Streets.

  • After lunch, I looked for a store that sold cigarettes so I walked further along Victoria Street until I reached a squalid area at the back of Manila High School.  Couldn’t stand the ugly surroundings to I walked back to Mc Donald’s to finish my ciggie.
  • After smoking, I went back up the walls and proceeded to Baluarte de Dilao.  The Post Office and the back of the old Metropolitan Theater is visible in the distance outside the walls, while within, Mapua Institute of Technology is the building nearest to the Baluarte.
  • Descended the Baluarte to take pictures of the Puerta del Parian and the Revellin del Parian.  Passed by the Lyceum of the Philippines on the way there.

  • Went back inside Intramuros through the Puerta del Parian and then went up the Baluarte de San Gabriel near Colegio de San Juan de Letran.
  • Descended the Baluarte to walk towards the Puerta de Isabel II.  It was closed, but there was a little unnamed gate between the Baluarte and the Puerta which led to a small garden outside the walls.  Spent a minute exploring that garden.
  • A light drizzle began so I looked for shelter before proceeding.


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