My Intramuros Walking Tour Route (before noon) – 12/21/08

Here’s a summary of the path I took in touring Intramuros in the morning of December 21:

  • Got off the cab at the Fort Santiago Entrance.
  • Carlos Celdran’s tour started at Plaza Moriones near the Intramuros Visitors’ Center.
  • Walked for a short distance towards the War Memorial still in Plaza Moriones for a short lecture.
  • Walked towards the Fort Santiago gate for another lecture.
  • Walked back to Plaza Moriones, up to the Fort Santiago exit.

  • Boarded calesas in Sta. Clara Street.
  • Calesa ride route: left to Arzobispo Street, left to A. Soriano Avenue, right to General Luna Street, right to Anda Street, left to Sta. Lucia Street, left to Muralla St., then finally left to General Luna Street.
  • Disembarked from calesa beside the San Agustin Church.
  • Walked straight to the San Agustin Church Garden for a short lecture.
  • Proceeded to the San Agustin crypts for another lecture.
  • Exited the Church compound and crossed the street to Plaza San Luis.
  • From the Plaza San Luis courtyard, went up the stairs three floors up for another short lecture.
  • Went back to the ground floor in another part of Plaza San Luis for the closing lecture and the free Halo-halo.

  • After Carlos Celdran’s tour, walked towards Plazuela de Sta. Isabel in the corner of General Luna and Anda Streets.
  • Walked towards the Manila Cathedral and Plaza Roma.
  • Walked back towards Fort Santiago.
  • Went through the tunnel towards Reducto de San Francisco, then went up back up the Baluartillo da San Francisco.
  • Went through the Fort Santiago main gate again.
  • Went up the Baluarte San Miguel and walked through a section of the wall.
  • Was about to enter the 3rd floor of the Rizal Shrine from the wall, but was told that I had to go down the ground floor towards the actual entrance of the building.

  • Went back down from the wall and entered the Rizal Shrine, then exited through another way that leads to the Almacenes Reales ruins.
  • Went back up the wall towards Baluarte de Sta. Barbara.
  • Went down towards the Falsabraga de Sta. Barbara and Falsabraga de Media Naranja.
  • Walked back towards the memorial for the dead found in the dungeons during World War II.
  • Tried to go to the dungeons, but the entrance was locked.

  • Walked back towards the Fort Santiago main gate, passing by the Dulaang Raja Soliman.
  • Walked the length of Plaza Moriones towards the exit.
  • Had an iced tea and a cigarette at the stall in the corner of General Luna and Sta. Clara Streets.


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